Quiet, free-flowing, high-accuracy aluminium slider manufactured for professionals. All parts are in-house designed and machined by our own up-to-date CNC machines. Together with the SLIDER VR, these two slider systems have been specifically developed to meet all your shooting requirements while still providing great value for money.
  • Weight: 15 kg / 31 lbs (120 cm /4′ model)
  • Carries loads up to 300 cm / 9’10″
  • Carriage mount for Mitchell plate as standard
    Alternatives: 100 and 150 mm bowl or Euro-adapter mount
  • Base mount: Tailor-made support that allows a 360° turn linked to a dual locking system to avoid any mechanical backlash
  • Rails: Hepcomotion stainless steel
  • Magnetic stops that allow a full sliding travel. Can also be set up in both ways to increase the sliding travel even more or to shrink it
  • Monopods can be installed on both ends to increase stability in case of heavy loads (UNC inserts 3/8″-16 or 1/4″-20)
  • Additional options: Tubes supports / Customized flight cases

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