CineFactory is a Belgium-based engineering factory dedicated to manufacturing professional video production equipment. 

Our company is a subsidiary of the French group TSF, a major player in the film industry in France and Europe. TSF has been active in the rental and sale of shooting equipment, lighting, energy, machinery and consumables for cinema and television since 1979. 

With over forty years of experience, the company has manufactured state-of-the art innovative products for some of the most prestigious names in the industry such as the Warner studios of Pinewood, or the ABC channel in the broadcast sector.


Founded in 2009 under the name “Cine Cart”, the workshop initially focused on manufacturing professional film carts exclusively. We started by providing cinema and television professionals high-end transporting, stocking and working stations. Using our long experience in the industry, we guided our expertise towards designing and building innovative logistic carts that would meet or exceed any need our clients might have.

Over the years, the workshop’s capabilities have allowed for the development of increasingly complex and precise equipment. We perfected our machining, welding and assembly techniques, continuously improving ourselves, which led us to strongly diversify our catalog.

While professional film carts are still at the core of our offer, our growing number of technological innovations created the need for a more representative name for our company: Cine Cart became CineFactory.

Today, CineFactory’s workshop focuses on five main categories of professional gear for the cinematic industry:

At CineFactory, we know that obtaining a flawless image on screen requires an extremely high degree of finesse and precision. That’s why we make sure that all our products undergo a highly rigorous trial phase before they’re commercialised. We do this by investing years into testing our products in development, and then tuning them on set with meticulous on-ground examining – for as long as it takes to design and commercialise the perfect product. 

By combining the skills of our expert teams with the real-life experiences from our clients over the years, we are now able to provide cinema and television professionals with cutting-edge machinery to fill their every need. We’re not just a company that provides you with new technology; we know how to use it. 


Thanks to the 40+ years of existence of CineFactory’s parent company, TSF, we benefit from an unparalleled experience in the cinematic industry. We equip more than 200 projects each year, allowing us to build up an outstanding network of remarkable technicians throughout European cinema.

Our workshop’s gear and products are being used to produce beautiful movies, series and TV shows in England, France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium, among others.

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